Policy Administration Fees

DUAL Underwriting Ireland DAC is a managing general agent and acts on behalf of Aviva Insurance Ireland DAC for its household and motor products. We are remunerated, by way of commission, for the placing of each policy at new business and renewal stage and also for administering your policy throughout each period of insurance.

In addition to commission earned we will also apply a fee at new business stage, when your policy is renewed and any time you make a change to your policy (mid-term adjustment). The fee will be in addition to any fee that may be charged by your insurance intermediary.

Our fee is a flat rate as indicated in the table below

The mid-term adjustment or cancellation fee will not be charged for changes made within the **cooling off period.

New Business  

(effective date 01/01/2021)



(effective date 01/01/2021)


Mid-term adjustment 

(effective date 01/01/2022)


* The fee will be applied to any mid-term Adjustment where the additional/return premium is in excess of €50.00

**  The cooling off period is either (i) the date you receive your policy; or (II) the start of the period of insurance; whichever is the later

The administration fee is chargeable on policies renewed or incepted on or after 1 January 2022.