Insurance for listed properties

listed house

A listed property can be defined as a structure of particular architectural and/or historic interest deserving of special protection. Such properties will often have unique architectural features and ornate interior design. As the owner of a listed/protected property – noted under Part IV of the Planning and Development Act 2000 – you are legally obliged to prevent it becoming endangered, whether through damage or neglect. 

Due to the obligations put upon the owners of listed properties, it is vital that they have insurance in place that will fully cover these protected homes. Listed properties are relatively rare in the standard market, and for the insurers that do offer cover, it is usually  limited and often involves exclusions.

DUAL Ireland however has insured listed properties since its arrival in Ireland over 8 years ago.  Along with the expert knowledge DUAL can offer our brokers on these listed properties, the cover itself is extremely comprehensive with a broad policy wording.

A list of cover DUAL Ireland offers on listed properties:

  • Loss or damage to your home, plus loss of rent or temporary accommodation costs.
  • Architect’s and surveyor’s fees and debris removal.
  • Loss of metered water, oil or LPG.
  • Locating the source of a water leak in your home and subsequent reinstatement.
  • Your legal liability as owner or occupier.
  • Costs of taking temporary emergency measures to protect the risk address.

Note to brokers: All ‘listed’ properties must meet new business acceptance criteria.