Foreign claims experience and returning emigrants


It is common practice in the Irish private motor insurance market to attach a claims history to a vehicle as opposed to the driver.  However, DUAL Ireland only looks at a driver’s claims history as opposed to what vehicle they had previously insured. This allows our brokers with high net worth motor clients who own expensive vehicles and collections not to be penalised for having only one no claims bonus.

 Another benefit of focusing only on a driver’s experience is that it allows brokers with clients from abroad, and returning emigrants, to receive the same discounts for having a clean record. Foreign drivers who may have had an impeccable driving record in their own country would normally face new driver rates in the standard insurance market. This would also apply to returning emigrants with a claims experience from abroad.

  At DUAL Ireland we focus on a driver’s experience and depending on what country they have previously driven in, we can offer competitive rates for our high net worth clients and their vehicles.

   If you have a client who is a returning emigrant or has foreign driving experience and is looking to insure a luxury car or has a car collection including classic cars, please contact DUAL Ireland today.